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Culley's Fire Water Hot Sauce

Culley's Fire Water Hot Sauce

Heat Scale

1 - 3
3 - 5
5 - 8
8 - 10

Heat level is an approximation of the Scoville Unit Rating. It's a measure of capsaicin, the chemical in peppers responsible for their heat.

Born from a wicked combo of both Carolina Reaper and Trinidad Scorpion Chiles, Fire Water is not for the faint of heart. But if you’re brave enough to try it, along with its slow burning heat, this sauce brings incredible flavor. The Reaper pepper itself adds a nice sweetness, which is amplified by hints of lime and Mexican tequila. Try it with wings, pizza or a spicy Bloody Mary.

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Brand: Culley's
Heat Scale: 8
Weight: 0kg
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Smokin' Ed's carolina reaper (NZ grown), Trinidad scorpion butch t (NZ grown), capsicum, white wine vinegar, lime juice, Mexican tequila, palm sugar, onions, ginger, garlic, salt, pepper
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