Tapatio Hot Sauce
Brand: Tapatio Weight: 147ml

Tapatio Hot Sauce

Tapatio Hot Sauce entered the business world in 1971, when Mr. Jose-Luis Saavedra, Sr. started his company. Still family owned, Tapatio Hot Sauce has never forgotten its humble beginnings and is still one hundred percent committed to our customers.

Tapatio is pronounced "Tah-pah-tee-o", Tapatio signifies a person originating from Guadalajara, a city in the heart of Mexico. Tapatio is gluten free, MSG Free, and Sugar Free. This sauce can be used for anything and everything! - A must have in every kitchen!

Ingredients: Water, Red Peppers,Salt,Spices, Garlic,acetic ac, Xanthan Gum, sodium benzoate as preservative.

SauceNation is Proud to be the New Zealand Distributor for Tapatio Hot Sauce - Buy it by the Bottle or the case - Wholesale orders for this product are also welcome.

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